Latest Google Features Posted At Google’s Google New Website

Latest Google Features Posted At Google’s Google New Website

Google Corp., the king of internet search, recently launches a new one stop shop website called “Google New” that was specially design to showcase the latest feature and offering of the company. The site is also aiming to let users know about everything Google does from new products to its latest acquisitions.

Ji Lee from Google Creative Lab said in a statement:

“But if you want to keep up just with what’s new (or even just what Google does besides search), you’ll want to know about Google New. A few of us had a 20 percent project idea: create a single destination called Google New where people could find the latest product and feature launches from Google. It’s designed to pull in just those posts from various blogs. We hope it helps you find something useful you’ve never tried before.”

The latest offerings and features were organized by product or area of interest. By default, it shows the latest offerings for any given product. Areas of interest include developers, business, entertainment, geo and maps, education, mobile, non-profit, and social, and so on.

A couple of weeks ago, Goggle launched the Google Instant and the company also revamped its Google Map Website.

Google also has a directory,, of all their blogs, products, ads, developer tools and more at one location. Google New however isolates the latest Google releases. Check it out at

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