Late Strike By Donovan Takes U.S. Through

The ongoing football world cup in South Africa has all the ingredients of a perfect soap opera. There is drama, passion, anxiety, enthusiasm and everything that a football fan can hope for. So far, there have been quite a few shockers, including the ignominious exit of last year finalists France. But there has been one less hyped team, which has steadily moved forward much to surprise of many. In a strangling encounter, U.S. defeated Algeria 1-0 to make a place in the final 16 much to the joy and pride of millions of Americans who had been longing to see their team create history.

The last group match against Algeria was indeed an important match in the history of American football, as years of hard work and expectations of millions of anxious football fans was at stake. Algerians had already shown their never say die spirit In the group match against England. So it wasn’t an easy match. When no team was able to score at the end 90 minutes, it looked like another England-Algeria match in the making. But in the dying moments, Landon Donovan produced a goal that will be remembered by the Americans for a long time. A teary Donovan admitted after the match that this is the greatest moment of his sporting career so far.

The win is even more special because football was never given much prominence in America and has always been considered as a foreign sport. From here on, the team has nothing to lose. The second round promises to be even more exciting affair when U.S riding high on confidence takes on Ghana in their first group 16 match on Saturday.

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