Laser Hair Removal Trian and Silk’n Products for the Home

New equipment has been approved by the FDA that will allow people to perform their own laser hair removal treatments at home.  These devices are not as powerful as those found in laser hair removal offices, but they can produce the same effects with a lot of treatments.

The prices on the devices will not be consumer friendly for awhile, but those people that are spending around 3 grand for their laser hair removal treatments will find quite a savings at the $1000 price tag.  The equipment is approved as safe, but it can be misused and cause painful redness, swelling and even scarring.

There will probably be a lower price tag in about a year and some off brand devices that will make the at home treatment more accessible to the average consumer.  The at home treatment is definitely more effective than other hair removal treatments or procedures.  Shaving and waxing just don’t provide the same effect that the laser hair removal treatments can.

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