Lapland’s Delicious food

Good food in Lapland is as important as getting the accommodation and activities just right and Lapland know how to produce good food. Whether you are going on a short trip to see Santa or a week long holiday to Lapland, you will want to eat out and enjoy some traditional Lapland fare. Lapland is surrounded by Sweden, Norway and Finland but has managed to hold on to its own style of cuisine. Fish is a big part of Lapland’s food culture and many fish dishes are served smoked. The cloudberry is also something not found often anywhere else, it is a yellow fruit which is used in desserts and in garnishes to accompany your meals. The cloudberry is considered by the locals to be a very precious fruit. Lapland’s food would not be complete without Reindeer meat and Reindeer meat is a large part of Lapland’s food culture. The most popular way of serving Reindeer is sautéed; Reindeer is also served in stews, burgers and on pizzas. Lapland during the summer is transformed into the land of the midnight sun; in some parts of Lapland they can have up to 70 days of 24 hour daylight where the days seem endless. During the summertime the berries and the herbs will grow and produce some of the best foods available at this time of year. Lapland is also famous for its cheese which is accompanied with Lapland’s famous cloudberry jam. Some of the other berries used often in Lapland are the bilberry and buckthorn. Berries are Lapland’s real speciality, because of the climate of 24 hour light in the summer; berries have the perfect climate for growth. About 50 different berries are found in Lapland and it is thought about 30 of them are edible. The berries have been used for years because of their high nutritional value; they contain much higher levels of vitamin C and antioxidants than normal fruit and vegetables. Enjoying a holiday in Lapland means enjoying the food also and whilst the children might want to stay with good old fashioned chips, adults might want to try something a little more adventurous and there is nothing better than Lapland’s traditional fare.

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