Lady Gaga Shopping List, Thug Fashion, Dolce Vita Shoes and Hudson Jeans?

The life of a trend setter has to be difficult, but trying to figure out where the next fashion trends are going is now nearly impossible because of Lady Gaga’s eclectic style.  Lady Gaga can wear Hudson jeans with Dolce Vita shoes and accessorize with Thug Fashion jewelry and get away with it.  The thing about Gaga’s eclectic style is that she might top it off with a combat helmet with antennae.

There’s two things that are obviously becoming a big trend in fashion, hip hop culture fashion like that of Thug Fashion and classy and contemporary looks like Hudson Jeans.  Shoes are a staple of fashion and Dolce Vita shoes are definitely being added to a lot of wardrobes this year because of their tall boots which are making a come back.

Lady Gaga might have the market corner on absurd and eclectic fashion, but the real opportunity for anyone to start a trend is becoming more open because of the diversity of accessories and garments that are being sold.  Thug fashion fits into the diversity of accessories category simply because the hip hop look in accessories has been made extremely popular by Sean Combs and Beyonce.  They both mix exquisite fashions with a splash of hip hop.

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