Ladbrokes Pays Out £3.4 Million to Progressive Slot Players This Year

ladbrokes winnerLadbrokes Pays Out £3.4 Million 

Not one, but two massive jackpots have now been won on Ladbrokes’ Mega Moolah Isis progressive slots game.  The latest player to win on a spin, collected £2.6 million.  On the very same day, another player hit a £56,000 win play Poker Jaxx.  The total jackpot payouts keep rising and only a little more than a halfway through 2012, already Ladbrokes has delivered £3.4 million to players already.

Mega Moolah Isis

Mega Moolah Isis, while apparently a ‘reel’ winner, is not the only progressive with million dollar payouts.  The Dark KnightTM progressive video slot carries a mega progressive prize starting at £1,000,000.  This new Ladbrokes slot game delivers an impressive progressive selection ranging from mini progressives to the aforementioned mega progressive.  As of the writing of this article, the current big win on  The Dark KnightTM was paid to Mark H. for a cash prize of £4,293.

Ladbrokes Promotions

With only around five more months on the year, current patrons and new players will be keeping an eye on that total payout and most likely playing to be a part of the next big win.  Ladbrokes is currently treating new players to a substantial introductory offer and keeping in step with their dedication to keeping their regulars happy with daily bonuses and other choice casino promotions.  Keep in mind that the £3.4 million so far is only a tally from the progressive payouts.  Ladbrokes consistently has promotions that dish out substantial prizes from their over five-hundred casino games.

More information about jackpots, company information and the latest $£1000 bonus being offered by Ladbrokes can be reached via this link.





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