Kinect with the Family for Game Night

kinect game nightThe Xbox Kinect has opened a whole new meaning to the phrase game night. People across America are throwing Kinect parties as ways to relax and have a good time. From dance party tournaments to rock band parties it is a fun way to connect using Kinect.

Kinect offers a unique way to game sans controllers. The best part is that it is not only fun to participate but it is also fun to watch. Long gone are the days of being bored while watching others play, Kinect allows everyone to have a good time.

Set up a party with a gaming tournament. Create a bracket and even take small bets on who will win the dance off or band competition. It adds even more fun to a normal get together. Being able to laugh about how silly people look makes it an even more enjoyable experience. Have some sort of prize for the winning dancer for motivation.

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