Killer Shrimp Attacks UK Waters, Causes Alarm and Threatens Ecosystem

Killer Shrimp Attacks UK Waters, Causes Alarm and Threatens Ecosystem

A new breed of shrimp has been found right off the coasts of the UK coast, causing concern among scientists, according to reports on Monday. The “killer shrimp” or also known as “Dikerogammarus villosus” got its name from its behavior. The shrimp is known for being violent and aggressive.

Even though humans are not in direct danger from the killer shrimp, scientists are starting alarm and show concern about the killer shrimp. The killer shrimp pose as a serious problem and huge threat for the freshwater ecosystems in the UK. The shrimp eats a lot of the fresh water invertebrates such as crustaceans and other small fish, and scientist feared that this might lead to the extinction of certain species.

“We are devastated that this shrimp has been found in Britain,” said chief executive of the Environment Agency, Paul Leinster. “We are currently establishing the degree of the problem, and whether the shrimp is only in Grafham Water or if it is in nearby lakes and the Great Ouse as well.”

Scientists are trying to find out how to stop the shrimp from eating at the other small fish as well as other shrimp breeds. Scientists are still puzzled how the killer shrimp got there and what might be the end result from this shrimp. The shrimp is native to waters between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea and authorities believes that the killer shrimp have invaded their waters via the Danube River.

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