Kickstarter, The Bohemians Movie – Opera, Puccini, Love and Money

Mimi from The Bohemians

Suzanne Kantorski-Merrill as Mimi in The Bohemians

With only ten more days to go,

the Kickstarter for The Bohemians Movie could fall short of its goal. In the first twenty days, the project has managed to gain nearly $12,000 in support from a following of 67 Kickstarter backers.

Because of the All or Nothing nature of the Kickstarter website, if the project does not receive full funding, they will not receive any of the current pledges.

If you have yet to hear about this great project, it is a movie adaptation of Puccini’s classic opera, La Bohème.

Opera? Not exactly everyone’s favorite musical style, but there are two reasons why The Bohemians Movie might change your mind; 1) a cast of interesting, talented and attractive performers and 2) the mixing of film magic with the form of musical storytelling.

I personally was never a big fan of opera until I watched The Fifth Element. It took a fictional, blue, alien life-form to open my ears to the art-form.

Luckily, my Fifth Element awakening to opera kept me open to experience Musetta’s Waltz, from The Bohemians Movie, featured in the clip below.

If you have even a fringe interest in opera or even seeing your name on the big screen (they are offering a screen credit for as one of the many rewards) or if you would just like to pre-order the film, consider a pledge to this project. Click Here  to show your support.

Learn more about The Bohemians Movie and the Kickstarter project in the clip below:

More information about this film can be found at this link:

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