Kickstarter, Puccini’s La Bohème film adaptation, The Bohemians has Six Hours Left

Kickstarter is an amazing website that offers projects the opportunity to be backed by millions of people around the world over the internet. The website allows them to make a case and present their project and it links them with the donators who want to back the project. Each backer will be given specific rewards depending on the amount of money he or she donates. Backers will be able to view the different rewards at the Kickstarter page.

Kickstarter has a set of rules that have to be followed. One of these rules is that the project will set a specific target and a time limit, for example, $30,000 in one month. The project will go live and backers will start to donate money to it. After the time limit ends, if the project does not succeed in fulfilling that target, the project will not get any of the money.  No matter how close the project is to the target, if it is not 100% fulfilled, it is over. There was a case recently where a project was only $28 short of the project funding limit and well that was that.

The Bohemians movie is one of the impressive projects that are featured on Kickstarter. The project needs $65,000 and so far the project was able to be backed by 87 backers and raised a total of $20,816. However, the project currently has only 7 hours remaining and without reaching the goal, this money will not be given to the project.

Pledge now at this link:  Support The Bohemians

The Bohemians is in its post-production stage as it finished the shooting last year. It needs the $65,000 in order to pay for the orchestra and to record the soundtrack of the movie that is planned to happen in the middle of this month. The producers already have an agreement with an orchestra that is able to give them the quality of music that they are looking for. Some people might think that $65,000 is a huge number but this is how much it takes to pay for a thirty person orchestra, the post production of the movie and the recording studio.

This move is based on an opera and this means that the movie will have a lot of great music and singing that will appeal to opera fans and music listeners. The cast includes aspiring opera singers that have approached this project with impressive passion and dedication. The movie’s main purpose is to bring the masterpiece of Puccini’s, La Bohème, to the big screen by adapting the opera and transforming it into a movie.


Mimi from The Bohemians

Suzanne Kantorski-Merrill as Mimi in The Bohemians

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