Kickstarter Film, Posey – Strong Cast, Good Message

Posey on KickstarterA film about Alzheimer’s, is garnering support on Kickstarter.  Posey is the story of the character Linda Flemming, played by a Prairie Home Companion’s Erica Rhodes, who has to make arrangements to find care for her grandmother that is afflicted with Alzheimer’s.  The role Linda Flemming’s grandmother (Posey) is played by the beautiful and talented, Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee, Sally Kirkland.

The film seeks to examine the seeming hopelessness of the disease and the fear from both the victim and their families, while at the same time finding hope and humor.  The film is (approved) by the Alzheimer’s Association ( and a portion of the profits from the film will be donated to help fund research for this devastating illness.  Billy DaMota from the Kickstarter Project Page of Posey

As of the writing of this article, Posey has already collected 62% of their needed funds and have nineteen days to go.  Besides having a portion of the proceeds from the film donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, Posey also invites those families that have been affected by Alzheimer’s to share their story and have their loved one’s name(s) included in the end credits of the film.  A pledge is not required to have a name included and for those that are interested, please email Billy DaMota at

Billy DaMota, is a well known casting director, and has worked on films like the Running Man, Predator and The Three Amigos.  Mr. DaMota is also an author and Posey is his debut as a director.  Darren Rydstrom (cinematographer for several films including Starship Troopers) has also been signed as the film’s Director of Photography.

Author’s Note:

This is a film that will bring hope to the families of loved ones that suffer from Alzheimer’s.  This is one of the most talented collections of individuals working together that I have seen on Kickstarter and I’m proud to be one of the backers of the project.

Editor’s Note:

This is a Kickstarter project that really involves a vast community and by inviting so many to participate it really stands apart as a very special event.  If you have ever wanted to be a part of something very special, very meaningful, then this project is your opportunity to do so.  Please visit the Kickstarter Project Page of Posey and be a part of this important event.


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