Keeping Kids Away from Gambling

Playtech Online Casino GamesAs the Las Vegas Committee meets for the second time, they had important topics to talk about. The two main topics were the different ways security professionals will make sure underage children don’t have access to wagering and keeping the cheaters away from the online gambling websites. This committee met after the progress of the online poker legislation bill is seeing.

Peter Berhard led this committee, and this committee has advised the governor of Nevada to study the problems and the challenges that would result from legalizing online poker in his state. The same committee is expected to conclude in the end of the upcoming summer to give its advice for the online poker 2013 legislation bill

It has been reported that the committee stayed for 2 hours to hear all about the technologies that would be used in order to verify the ages of the users trying to access the gambling websites, which include their identity and location. The CEO of Bwin.Party, Jim Ryan, has spoken about the device that his company uses that would catch any fraudulent identity use or transaction. Jim Ryan stated that the system that his company uses is so efficient and of high quality, as this system has achieved a 99.8 % level of accuracy and confidence, despite the fact that the system follows more than one million users monthly. Only ten under aged users succeeded to trick the system and enter the gambling websites but they didn’t stay for long as they were captured shortly after by the ancillary systems.

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