Kansas Rejects Bill That Includes Ban on Online Gambling

Online GamblingKansas Rejects Bill That Includes Ban on Online Gambling

A bill that went into voting at the Kansas Senate last Tuesday resulted in a 24-15 vote against the bill’s passing. The outcome denotes rejection of following proposals:

  • To amend a law that requires prospective developers to invest at least $225 million for the development of a southeast Kansas casino, by bringing down the required project threshold to $50 million;
  • To repeal a 2007 law that allows the installation of slot machines in dog and horse racing tracks operating throughout the state.
  • Ban online gambling in the State of Kansas, a last minute proposal added by the bill’s author, Republican Sen. Jacob LaTurner of Pittsburg.

Senators who voted in favor of the bill sees the rejection as one that would drive out the state’s homegrown horse and dog breeding/racing industry. However, those who voted against the bill were skeptical about this argument, since most of the racetracks in operation have not added slot machines since the passing of the bill in 2007.

Some were convinced that the proposals to repeal the 2007 law and to ban Internet gambling as compromises that could reduce gambling in the State of Kansas. Still, Republican Senator Carolyn McGinn from Sedgwick voted against the bill by citing that Senator LaTurner was also using a bill that supported the use of guns as casino measures. She likewise disapproved of how the other proposals made the idea of building a southeast Kansas casino appear as a more attractive option, without proper evaluation by a senate committee.

In spite of his anti-gambling stance, Hiawatha Republican Senator Dennis Pyle also voted against the bill, because he believes that the potential consequences of the bill, do not justify the means.

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