Justin Bieber will tour North Korea

Justin Bieber

Couple of months ago, it was confirmed that the young talented, pop-star Justin Bieber loves to Google himself, monitoring and reading what people and likes say about him. The pop-star also utilized a poll service through the net that would allow fans all over the world to vote, so he could efficiently assess and add the city or venue to his ‘endless’ touring dates.

The singer is known for being sweet when it comes to his fans, so the report that” he hates Koreans” is just absurd. The racist rumors about the young pop-star surfaced today all over the net and media after a gazillion pranksters voted North Korea in the poll, suggesting that the singer was very much wanted and delighted to perform in front of his countless fans there. From 24thplace North Korea made a huge jump to first place in just a matter of hours. 4Chan was identified as one of the million of the pranksters.

The racist rumors that Bieber dislikes Korean spread rapidly, just like when rumors that he had sexually transmitted disease, involved in scandals, racial slurs, and numerous death reports that even included his mom. Bieber loves has fans all over the world, he doesn’t hate Koreans, and such rumors are created just to grab public attention.

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