Jobs Influences Windows Metro Decision to Bar Adobe Flash?

Cloud TechnologySteve Jobs Influences Windows Metro Decision to Bar Flash?

Last April, Steven Jobs released a very lengthy explanation as to why Apple will not use Flash products. He explained that Apple and Adobe have had a very long relationship and continue to do so, but the Flash product simply wasn’t fitting into the technological philosophy of Apple.

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To summarize Jobs believed that Flash was too much of a closed system, that Adobe could control the pricing, enhancement and Apple’s philosophy towards their web products is more of an open system; adopting CSS, HTML5 and JavaScript. Microsoft now seems to agree by keeping the program out of its new version of IE that will ship with the new OS.

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Adobe is trying very hard to keep their Flash property out there, including work-arounds to operate some apps on iOS despite having been barred at the inception. While there are plans in the works for Adobe to create a work around so that their technology will work in Metro (IE 10), is there really any point?

Essentially, the big names in technology have moved away from Flash, possibly for monetary and rights issues, but it may also benefit the end user. Flash, especially on smartphones, is a battery-hog. HTML 5 on the other hand is much sleeker and more resource friendly. Will this be the ultimate demise of Flash? This is more nearing the demise of all plugins and very well could include Flash in that.

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