Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends

In the ancient city of Rome, a relationship emerges between a Roman slave named Ventress and a mild-mannered Jew named Jesus. Their friendship takes them to Palestine, where they experience betrayal as well as the power of love.

Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends taps into the pages of history and brings Rome to life, when it was the most powerful and vibrant city in the world. The novel offers readers a new way of seeing the human side of Jesus as he, the cunning Ventress, and their comrades navigate through a world where the powerful rule by force and tradition. Take a journey straight from the pages of history with a group of unlikely friends as they experience friendship, betrayal, suffering, and a good woman’s love.

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ISBN: 9781-60911-196-0

About the Author: Edward Kendrex invented his main character, the cunning Roman slave Ventress, while spinning an Early Roman tale to tell his wife. She was suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and the author kept the story flowing so she could hear the sound of his voice. But the story continued to evolve and became Jesus and Ventress: Best Friends. Kendrex is a retired Air Force officer who grew up in Los Angeles and now resides in San Antonio, Texas. He is currently working on two other novels.

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