Is Your Social Media Turning You Anti-Social?

social mediaSome will argue that games like World of Warcraft provide a vast social community in much the same way as Facebook.

World of Warcraft

WOW and FB have definite similarities; very addictive and take up huge amounts of  time in virtual activities like cooking and farming.  If you literally asked everyone in World of Warcraft and Facebook to start real farms, the entire world could have an everlasting amount of food.


While there is an undeniable social connection using Facebook, Twitter, online dating sites, buying shoes, rental lenses and playing games like World of Warcraft, not all are being used to their potential of bringing people together socially in RL (real life).  If you spend most of your time alone in front of the computer playing virtual games, sending pics or clicking ‘like’ incessantly, you may have fallen into a rut, and it isn’t one that is easy to get out of.

Social Media

Social media is in a way changing a lot of people, re-training how they interact with others and it can be seen in RL every day.  There’s an edgy, rudeness, an overly snarkified attitude in the air and it may be because many of us are more adept at looking at a smartphone or monitor than we are being face to face with someone.

If technology has become 90% part of your everyday life and is not something that you rely on to literally breathe or be mobile, then it may be time to consider taking 10% back at a time and applying it to other pursuits.  Without a more reasonable balance of technology, the very way that humans communicate with one another is going to change permanently and this is not necessarily a good thing.

There’s a really good reason that games like World of Warcraft have put timers with alarms on them into their coding.  People have actually let their lives slip by them.  If you believe that you may have an addiction to social media, video games or technology, try to spend the next four months reducing your time with that addiction by 10% each month.  In five months of this practice, you will have doubled your life span in the real world.

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