Is There a Secret Society Working Towards Expanding Gambling in Maryland?

Is there a secret organization attempting to infiltrate Maryland with gambling? No, but a work group which was appointed by Maryland. Governor, O’Malley, worked for hours in private discussing the land based, table and slot type casino to be allowed into P.George County.  The eleven individuals were selected to determine if the casino admittance would be feasible.  However, some felt that the behind closed doors meeting was suspicious and unfair.  However, the legality of such a meeting is clearly defined and did not fall under the Open Meetings Law of Maryland.

Gambling Workgroup Does Not Fall Under the Open Meetings Act

According to the law, a public body appointed by the Maryland. Government must make their meetings open to the public.  However, this particular group does not fall under the Open Meetings Act because the configuration did not fall within the requirements of the Act.  Also, the group was not performing a study or making decisions that would directly include the public.  The discussion of the expansion of gambling in the state was just that, a discussion.

Republican Leader, EJ Pipkin Calls Foul

Despite the work group not falling under the Open Meetings Act, there was still some outrage expressed by Republican Minority Leader, Pipkin.  Mr. Pipkin has gone on record in saying that he will sponsor Open Meetings Law legislation that will keep this type of workgroup from being out of the eye of the public.


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