Is Las Vegas Becoming the New Niagara Falls?

Las VegasThere was a time that the generic romantic idea for couples was to get married at Niagara Falls. That seems to be changing as Las Vegas is offering a lot more romance than most would expect coming from Sin City. Sure, there’s a lot of scantily clad, sometimes nude dancers, gambling, booze, why can’t there be romance? Las Vegas doesn’t mind it’s dirty image, but it has been cleaning it up a lot lately. Las Vegas, while it isn’t the perfect family destination, is still a great destination for couples.

In an effort to make Las Vegas even more appealing than it is, there seems to be a push to make accommodations and flights to Las Vegas more appealing to budget minded young couples that are looking to get married. Even big weddings are possible with family from all over the U.S. because the prices for flights to Vegas are so low. In some cases, there are reported prices of $39 tickets to Las Vegas.

If you are looking for a lower cost wedding that includes your family members, then Las Vegas might be the location this year. Not only can couples get married there, but they can even spend their honeymoon, which can make any wedding affordable.

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