Is Iodine Deficiency Caused by Low Sodium Diet Plans?

weight loss teaIs Iodine Deficiency Caused by Low Sodium Diet Plans?

There are places in there world that are greatly affected by iodine deficiency. This deficiency can cause problems with the thyroid gland, which can lead to severe health issues. As the leading preventable cause of mental retardation, iodine deficiencies occur prenatally when the mother does not receive enough iodine. Problems can also occur if the mother does not increase intake during breast-feeding. According to Harvard Health, “Women who are pregnant should get 220 micrograms, and women who are breast feeding an infant should get 290 micrograms.”

Iodine Deficiency

In the United States, the problem and potential for iodine deficiency has been virtually eradicated by iodizing salt, a process where the salt is treated with an additive such as potassium iodate or sodium iodate. Keep in mind these two things, salt that has been iodized will slowly lose the benefit the more it is exposed to air, so it is useful to keep your salt containers sealed to prevent prolonged exposure to air and to replace any salt that you may have had exposed to air for a number of years. The second thing to keep in mind is that most sodium intake in America comes from processed food manufacturers. Generally, the sodium used in the creation and for the preserving of these foods is not iodized.

Diet Plan

If you are looking for a way to lower sodium intake and keep up iodine levels, then you could eat more fish and shellfish which contain iodine naturally. It is also found in several dairy products, vegetables that have been grown in iodine enhanced or naturally rich soil and is also often included in a multivitamin. So, if you have been using the potential of iodine deficiency as an excuse not to start your lower sodium diet plan; don’t worry, there are plenty of other alternatives and you can start your low sodium diet today with little to now worries about iodine deficiency.

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