Is Golf with the Xbox Kinect the Same as in Real Life?

Will there be Kinect Golf ranges in the future? Maybe, simply because it is not a good idea to swing a real golf club anywhere near that expensive television or Xbox. Playing golf on the Kinect is the most realistic way in which to practice only because the actual swing is registered by the system. Is it better than playing real golf?

Kinect and Golf the Perfect Pair?

Indoor golf is good for when the weather is bad outside. You can get the same upper body work out that one would expect to get from 18 holes on the real course. The obvious difference is that the amount of walking is greatly reduced, almost to none, with the Xbox.

Is This Good Exercise?

Exercise yes, but does this system provide the same health benefits that real golfing provides? No, not at all, but the fun is definitely up there. There was a big push in the 80’s and 90’s to have a pool table in your home. Essentially, having this setup in your house is just like having a golf course in your home.

All the Beer You Can Drink

Overall, the best thing about golfing with this system is that you can drink as much beer as you want and not have to stumble for a golf cart. If you are one to drink when you play, then the home system is perfect. You also don’t have to be embarrassed about your scores if your friends aren’t around.

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