Is Affiliate Marketing Recession-Proof – Internet Marketing

Affiliate MarketingIs Affiliate Marketing Recession-Proof – Internet Marketing

Businesses that are the first to suffer in a recession are going to be luxury items, non-essential services and a large section of retail business. Because the internet is a readily available source of massive discounts including coupons, free shipping and exclusive online deals; the brick and mortar operations without an online presence are suffering more than they have to. With recession comes job loss, as expected, but this time around, American Ingenuity is bringing back the small business and even some micro businesses like affiliate marketing.

Micro Business

Micro business affiliate marketing sites have the distinct advantage of not having to maintain product or services. The overhead for an affiliate business is merely the cost of hosting, electricity, computer maintenance, domain fees and internet access. This is one of the reasons that affiliate marketing has taken off in several of the emerging nations. However, thin affiliate sites are dropping from Google searches faster than a Panda eats bamboo (or spam) and there’s a good reason; thin affiliate sites have nothing to offer as far as experience for the user. This is where new affiliate businesses may have an advantage – they can build their websites around visitor experience and create an affiliation with companies that are virtually recession proof.

Affiliate Marketing in a Recession

I’ve always thought of a few things that I’ll always need and consider essentials. There are the basics of course, but when you are thinking of making connections with affiliate offers, think about what people really need. This will be vitally important because people simply aren’t in the mood or position to buy right now. Toilet paper, the big TP; tons of money in that simply because, well no explanation needed, but… is there a toilet paper affiliate? Well, there are companies online that sell health and beauty products along with OTC medications and yes, one of those products is toilet paper. Another area to consider is appliances. Right now, people are more likely to have a broken appliance repaired or buy refurbished products so keep that in mind the next time your vacuum breaks down and you need a new one. Are you going to buy an expensive new vacuum or look for an inexpensive vacuum solution? Whichever you decide is what most of America will decide too.

Is Affiliate Marketing Recession Proof?

If you use logic and economic instinct in selecting your affiliations the affiliate marketing is definitely recession proof. If you go after the highest percentages on luxury items, it’s highly unlikely that you will turn a profit in today’s economic climate. Just play it smart when choosing what you want to market and the money will come.

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  1. TRACY CHATMAN says:

    I agree about affiliate marketin being recession proof as long as ther eis an internet you can and will make money… Most transactions are conducted on line these days…

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