Irish Gambling Operator Release Social Gambling App

Mobile Casino AppsThe Ireland based gambling operator, BragBet has released one of the newest wagering concepts just in time for the football championship Euro 2012. This concept is based on the dependence of a group of players on each others’ knowledge and football smarts to win a lot of money. The Euro 2012 contest by BragBet is basically a beta version for testing before it gets released on a wider scale.

This wagering system involves different teams. Each team can have up to 6 players. These players make wagers and bets on the match results of the Euro 2012. Despite the fact that there is no money changing hands during the competition, but there is cash prize pools that amount up to 2,012 Euros. One thousands Euros from the 2,012 will be awarded to the team who scores the best results.

Commenting on the release, the CEO of the company, Phil Riordan has stated that internet wagering was never a social activity or a team oriented activity and with this new concept, BragBet intends to change this. The company will do that by merging gambling with team work and social media. He added that the Euro 2012 championship is the perfect time for BragBet to beta test the platform and this new gambling concept for the 1st time. He finalized his statement by saying that this concept will offer a new interactive wagering experience that will surely gain the appreciation and the attention of the youth.

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