iPod Touch 4 Quite Similar to iPhone 4

iPod Touch

The second largest technology leak for Apple in the last few months it appears that information, including photos, of the new iPod touch have been released. John Lewis, a retailer from UK unintentionally rendered a bit of information from supposed conversations regarding the new iPod Touch. Few says that this may all be a hoax, however the pictures of the device look authentic and the information and details seems to be coming from a reliable source, the Apple.

Base on the information, the new iPod is almost an exact replica of the iPhone 4 minus the general mobile functions. But the new iPod touch is equipped with upgraded 5 Mega Pixel front facing camera with flash. It also includes accelerometer and gyroscope, it also has capabilities to shoot video in HD. The new iPod has a new focus on social networking that allows FaceTime Calling through a Wi-fi connection. The new and well-developed iPod now appears to be marketed as a multimedia device and just a music player.

Every year in early September started 2007 Apple regularly released a new iPod Touch. If these rumors are true then we Apple’s patron can expect to see the latest addition some time in the next 2 months. However, consumers critical of the new design claim that most of the Apple products are become too similar in concept, design, and function, which will led to less appealing to consumers. The numerous of people waiting to get their hands on this new iPod may speak otherwise. Apple still has no statement regarding the leaked information at this time.

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