iPhone unlock and jailbreak; hackers tweeted a jailbroken iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4 Jailbreak & Unlock

Just a couple of days after Apple unleashed their latest state-of-the-art device, iPhone 4, a hacker claims to have “jailbroken” the new iPhone 4 -. This exploit repeats a pattern that has happened with all past iPhones and the iPad. He’s currently building the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Jailbreak & Unlock Tool!

PlanetBeing posted photos of a jailbroken iPhone via a Twitter update. The hacker used the Spirit jailbreaking tool that is created by another technical genius named comex, who facilitated the jailbreaking of previous iPhone.

Another hacker named MuscleNerd also posted pictures of a jailbroken iPhone on his Twitter account. The picture shows that the jailbroken iPhone is running a high resolution version of Cydia and full root shell. Meaning, they already manipulated the iPhone and they can load whatever software ad applications they want onto it. Cydia is a software app for the iPhone that lets a user browse and download apps for a jailbroken iPhone. Although, Cydia is unauthorized Apple apps, since it allows users to load unauthorized apps on their device.

But Apple is reportedly released a version 4.01 of its iOS operating system for the device. The news may shut off the possibility for this particular exploit as it also tries to trobleshoot the problem of calls being cut due to malfunctioning antenna. But the father of Apple, Steve Jobs, responded to a user complaint, said in an email that users should “stay tuned” for more info on the reception issue.

Despite of the rumors of the jailbreak tools, PlanetBeing tweeted again that the jailbroken exploit is nowhere near ready for release. So Apple still has time to plan and engineer a new technology to deal with this problem.

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