iPhone New Apps Track the Nearest Surcharge-free ATM

iPhone ATM

The new iPhone apps will help credit unions members who reside in Maine to efficiently track the nearest surcharge-free automated teller machine located near them. This means that credit unions member will save time, money (for gas), and energy in locating ATMs.

iPhone users and credit union members will be guided in the nearest money under SURF ATM Alliance which held responsible in more than 200 surcharge-free ATMs placed within the entire state.

Rebekah Higgins, Assistant Vice President for Synergent Card Services, said:

“While in the past you would have needed to plan ahead if you wanted to access a SURF location, with this application, members will have live information regarding SURF locations and won’t need to rely on accessing the first ATM terminal that they see.”

Higgins also added that this new innovations in another way of Synergent, who manages the SURF AATM Alliance, to provide continence and efficiency to their patrons to have an easy access to surcharge-free ATMS whenever they needed.

“Synergent’s commitment to the growth and integrity of SURF has contributed to the long term success of the network. Credit unions continue to add ATM Terminal locations in new geographic locations that allow even more coverage and access to credit union cardholders,” Higgins added.

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