iPhone gets Another Popular App, Glyder

free appsIt is no surprise that the numbers of apps available for the iPhone are simply endless. There are various games, tools to help in organization and many other apps that can be of great use. One particular game called Glyder is one of the classic games that allow the user to sit back and play a fun game while combining skills. This game includes intense graphics and provides a different kind of game that is unique.

The user is a character called Eryn that flies around on a unusual apparatus. She is trying to find her way home and in doing so she must glide through magnificent landscapes and collect crystals. The environment is magical and the character starts off on a platform but once the screen is tapped, she is flying away.

It is up to the user to tip the phone and control her wings to glide left and right. In moving the phone the user also needs to do more than steer; gaining height, diving to gain speed and more will help Eryn get around and collect her crystals.  Although the game is relaxing, it is surprisingly a challenge as well as reported by Freeapps.org.

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