iPhone App Game Hits 75000 Downloads in 5 Days

Frisbee® Forever Hits the Apple iTunes App Store

Frisbee® Forever has already received over 75,000 downloads in the short time it has been on the market. Kiloo Apps, a Danish app development team is receiving some powerful marketing backed by Apple and endorsed by Apple. Frisbee Forever is already receiving high acclaim from Apple users and Android users are highly anticipating a port in the Fall.

With licensing for Wham-O® products, Kiloo Apps can continue to make amazing apps related to any of the Wham-O® products including Hacky-Sack, Hula-Hoop, Boogie Board as well as the Frisbee® Forever Frisbee® licensed product. The app is free to play and includes an option to unlock other levels and other types of Frisbees for a nominal fee.


Frisbee® Forever - Kiloo


Frisbee® Forever - Kiloo



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