iPhone and Visa payWave Mobile Payment System Allows NYC Commuters To Pay Fares By Smartphone

iPhone and Visa payWave Mobile Payment System

Visa and Apple is teaming up to ease the stress that some New Yorkers may get when paying for public transport costs, includes subways, busses, and train fares.

The San Francisco, California-based Visa is developing a new payment system that will allow iPhone users to wave their device to pay for the public transportations than the traditional payment methods.

Christina Warren of Mashable has reported that Visa in partnership with New York City Transit, NJ TRANSIT and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, are testing both Visa payWave enabled smartphones and payment cards. She also added that the new payment system is in the early stages but indications show that “New York City Transit” and the “Port Authority” of New York, have already started to embrace this idea.

As of now, New Yorkers have to buy or top up a Metro card to travel, so once the system is done and implemented thoroughly, users will be able to just wave their device in front of a reader instead of purchasing or refilling a Metro card travelers.

The New York subway program is only implemented throughout 28 stops along the Lexington subway line, but if the trial proves successful will be expanded. This payment system has been utilized by Visa in London, Istanbul, Kuala Lampur, Paris, and Singapore.

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