iPhone 4 Invaded China Through Grey Market

iPhone 4 in China

The no.1 and most controversial smartphone in the world is on sale in Beijing’s electronic stores and luxury hotels, months ahead the official launch of the trendy Apple’s iPhone 4 in China, state media said Tuesday.

According to China Daily, the privately imported iPhone 4s are available in the capital for as much as 17,000 yuan or $2,500. That compares to a starting retail price in the United States of $199.

iPhone vendors were confident enough that Chinese consumers would pay the hefty mark-up as the iPhone 4s, which geared with high-definition video, ultra-clear video chat and sharper screen resolution, is not expected to be launched officially in China’s market for at least another six months.

“The iPhone 3G which I am using now can greatly satisfy my needs, but it is still good to have the latest one. It is fashion,” a 24-year old consumer, Zhao Zhan, told the English-language newspaper.

Smartphone consumers flocked stores last week when Apple launched the iPhone 4 in Europe, Japan, and the United States. Earlier report, the Apple sold 1.7 million iPhone 4 units in the three days after its launch Thursday.

China Unicom, the only legitimate Chinese telecom operator that marketed the iPhone in the world’s largest smartphone market, has said that they are currently coordinating with Apple to sell the 4G handset and the iPad.

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