Investing in Dot ME, Apps, Smartphones and Green Technology Domains

buy dot me domainsADI-NEWS  recently had the opportunity to interview Internet Marketing expert Nikolas Gough about popular trends in domain buying and what will make for great investments.

Mark: Mr.Gough, we’ve recently seen some domains selling to major corporations like Apple, Amazon and AOL for multi-million dollar deals, what do you see as the next big sellers?

Dot Co and Dot Me Domains


NG: Dot Co and dot Me Domains should do extremely well over the next year as well as any domain names featuring apps. The app market is skyrocketing and every major company has an app they are releasing or is in development right now. App developers will also try to secure the best apps names to give themselves an advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

Catchy domains like iCloud, SmartCar, iVirtual, FreeApps, MobileApps, Apps, SmartHouse, TvApps, Biofuel, BrainScience, trends in technologies and the like will increase in value. I expect that smartphone companies that are looking to expand their reach in the app industry will buy app domains and app websites in a similar fashion to what Apple is doing with the “i” domains like iCloud. com.

Mark: You mention app domains, are these domain names that are for specific titles?

App Domains

NG: Generally not specific titles because of Trademark issues, but instead more of general purpose app sites and domains. One area where there’s already a massive demand is app review sites. People are generally interested in knowing if something is good before they spend money on it and just like movie reviews, app reviews are becoming increasingly important. Consumer reviews on the major app stores are not incredibly helpful so people are turning to app review websites that give a more in-depth answer to “should I spend my time or money on this app”. With so many apps currently in the market and millions more slated for this year and the next, it will be more difficult to find those apps that are the gold amongst the dust without app reviews websites.

Mark: There has been a lot of debate about ‘Green Tech’ being a viable investment, especially in the US, what are you thoughts on ‘Green Tech Domains’?

Green Domains

NG: I believe that Green domains will become very good investments, these may take a few years to grow as larger countries begin to adopt green tech. President Obama seems to have some initiatives in mind and while the US is a late adopter for green tech on a large scale, as soon as it is embraced, other countries will follow. Some feel that recent nuclear incidents will force other countries into moving over to green technology; even Germany is performing stress tests on their nuclear plants now, but other factors such as the cause of droughts in the Yangtze and other climate/energy related issues will hold a lot of weight. Yes, I definitely believe that green domains could turn out to be excellent investments.

Mark: What do you think the appeal of dot ME domains are to companies or domain investors?

NG: Personalization is the way everything is moving. When you call tech support, do you really want to speak to a robot or would you rather speak to a person? Short, personalized domain names like,,, they are immediately memorable, scream personalized, what else could say that better than ‘ME’? The appeal is definitely the same as any other domain, short, memorable and catchy. The obvious potential is in personalizing blogs, but personalizing your business is becoming very popular and will continue to do so as technology becomes more automated and faceless. Dot Me domains have a very human feel about them.

ADI-News would like to thank Nikolas Gough for his thoughts and for the opportunity to conduct this interview.

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