Internet Poker Sites Possible Merger

It has been reported before that the deal between Devilish Gaming and the internet poker website Purple Lounge has come to a stop. Now, there are reports that state that on the 5th a May a major development has happened concerning the deal. This development came as a result of the empty e-mail that had a subject that stated that Devilish Gaming is welcoming the players from the Purple Lounge. This email was sent from Devilish Gaming to all of the players of the website. These reports took the online poker community by storm, as it increased the concerns surrounding the formation of some sort of deal between the two websites. On the other hand, the fact that the email didn’t contain any message might be proof that such email was sent way too early and was in fact due to an error or a malfunction.

So far, up to this moment, the two websites, Purple Lounge and Devilish Gaming has not commented on the situation or made any clarifications. This silence from the two companies comes as a surprise as Purple Lounge has promised its players a week ago that it would explain everything within 7 days.

Talking about the possibility of a contract being struck between the two companies, such a deal would raise so many questions concerning the position of with Gaming Media Group deal with Media Corp’s. Also Media Corp’s hasn’t made any announcement in the midst of all of this.

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