Internet Poker Companies on the Down-slide

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It has been reported that IGT poker Network that was formerly known as Etraction has suffered from an 8 % dip. IGT has stated that this dip is a direct result of the suspension of the operations of Purple Lounge which belongs to Media Corp. It backed these allegations by stating that in February, the average number of players who played on real cash games reached 1200 online players. After the Purple Lounge demise, the number of players playing on cash games decreased down to 800, which resulted in the 8 % dip mentioned above.

Onto another online poker related news, as PokerStars revenue has been increased by 11% which is a direct result of the upcoming release of Zoom Poker in March. iPoker Network is the opposite, as its revenues have decreased by 4%, and PartyPoker is also not doing so good as its revenues declined by 13 %. As for gainers, the list included, Merge Gaming Network and 888poker, as they gained thirty percent, 6 percent and 38 percent respectively.
As for some Notable decliners, the list contained International Poker Network, Cereus Network and of course Full Tilt Poker. They declined by 99 %, 49% and 100 % respectively. These numbers don’t come as a surprise, especially Full Tilt Poker as all of its operations has been ceased and seized by the Dept. of Justice following the events of Black Friday. To conclude these numbers, the indicator of PokerScout’s ACES, the international internet poker market has suffered a noticeable decrease equals 20 percent over this last year.

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