Internet Poker Bill and Nevada

PokerRumors around the Internet Poker Bill

There have been a lot of rumors revolving around an internet poker legislation bill that would be presented and supported by a very weird partnership between a Republican senator and a Democrat senator. These senators are Jon Kyl from Arizona and Harry Reid from the state of Nevada. These rumors have been revolving in the world of online gambling for more than a year, and this week, they have surfaced again. According to reports, the two senators are still co operating and working on the legislation bill for online poker.

Although, the end result of this poker legislation bill would not be what the world of poker gambling has been excepting, and it is expected that some points will not be welcomed as well.

Online Gambling Community

One of the aspects of the deal that will not sit well with the online gambling community is that a federal banning law on internet gambling would be the “this for that” for the support given by Senator Jon Kyl for regulating internet poker. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as the position of Senator Jon Kyl is well known when it comes to online gambling operations. It is still unknown how states would react to such legislation, especially the states who always claimed that they have the right to set their own laws when it came to online gambling. Specifically after the upcoming and expected legalization of online gambling after the statement by the DoJ when it commented on the Wire Act of 2011, which basically legalized all forms of internet gambling, excluding sport betting.

Back to the main topic, as it is still not sure when or if the Senators will proceed and view their bill in front of the Congress this year or the next year. Maybe some hints on how will the two Senators proceed was clear last year. As the two Senators have wrote to Eric Holder, the Attorney General to state their refusal of the several tries by different states that are trying to legalize intrastate activities of internet gambling.

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