Internet Marketing TV Online Hulu vs Netflix

Cable TV Online HuluInternet Marketing TV Online Hulu vs Netflix


TV Online is making cable providers a little nervous.  Take a look at some of the deals that Comcast is offering lately and you’ll see that Netflix, Hulu, SkyGo, Vudu and other TV online and “watch movies online” service providers are making a dent in a once untouchable market.  Comcast of course has very little to worry about since they own NBC which is a partner owner of Hulu.

Is Hulu Just Cable TV Online?

You can see a lot of that pay cable TV mentality in the way that Hulu charges fees now.  Hulu at one time used an advertising supported free model of distribution, but created Hulu Plus which is their pay model.  An unfortunate and rather gutsy move on Hulu’s part is that they not only charge a fee (even if it is very affordable), but they also run “limited” advertising.  Hulu Plus users absolutely love the service; however the ads are getting a tad annoying.


Netflix or Hulu

Even at $7.99 a month, access to hundreds of seasons of great television and movies, Hulu Plus has become that same type of cable provider that you already know.  Netflix on the other hand, even with their fiasco earlier in 2011, still have a large library of movies and TV series and don’t have ads.  So, besides a slight difference in the television programs that are being offered by Netflix and Hulu, the deciding factor for many might just be the ads.

30 Rock (an NBC production) pokes fun at the Comcast buyout of NBC by mirroring the events in the program.  In the world of 30 Rock, NBC is purchased by a backwards cable company named KableTown.  http://www.kabletown. com/  30 Rock is now available as TV online from Hulu and Netflix.

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