Internet Marketing G.CO, Another Winning Dot Co Domain Purchase

Dot Co GoogleInternet Marketing G.CO, Another Winning Dot Co Domain Purchase

CO is now the fastest growing new global domain name in modern history with 1,1 Million sold Domain names.

If you were watching the Super Bowl when GoDaddy launched its .CO campaign, then you were witness to the birth of a historical domain event in with no comparison. The massive popularity of dot CO has quickly become one of the fastest phenomenons to grasp the imagination of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, small businesses and organizations spanning over two hundred countries.

Google Websites

More than one million .CO domains have been registered now and Google’s Gary Briggs announced that Google websites will now get an official .CO domain so that users may easily recognize a Google product. G.CO is another example of how dot CO domains can give more to a company, especially for the ones that may have missed out on some great .COMs, .NETs or .ME domains.

Short Domain Names

Short domain names are becoming ideal, but there were few to go around until .CO made its impact. Dot opens up a lot of opportunity for smaller companies that had to settle for an uninteresting or not descriptive domain. .CO now makes it possible for more competition on the web as more entrepreneurs and companies can now pick up .CO domains within their niche. This gives brands a chance to get shorter domain names without having to spend millions.

.CO is also revitalizing the domain selling market. Sites like Flippa and Sedo are starting to see big money successes for their client’s .CO domains.

If you would like to find out more about how to sell and buy .CO Domains on Flippa, please feel free to go to the link below. We are also making a list of .CO registrars available at this link.







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