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Mobile Casino AppsThe impact that internet gambling would have on the Indian tribes will be viewed in front of a Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. This is due to the latest statement by the American Dept. of Justice that legalized all forms of online gambling by stating that the Wire Act that was issued in December 2011 was meant towards sport wagering, thus legalizing other forms of online gambling.

The Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative, Michael Waxman has stated in his announcement that he calls on the Congress to look into federal laws and legislations. This should be done in order to regulate the world of internet gambling in order to provide a fair playing field for all operators and a safe environment for the customers. This statement came after a number of hearings in the past few months regarding the regulation of the online gambling community.

Without a doubt, the latest statement issued by the Department of Justice has increased the pressure on Congress to move forward in its pursuits in regulating the online gambling community. He also added that if the sole purpose of such regulations is to protect the players and the customers, and this can be easily done by a federal legislation. This federal legislation should contain strict rules and regulation that would set standards and laws to the gambling operators in order to provide a safe gaming environment for the customers.

The fact that these rules and regulations don’t get carried out on a national level isn’t doing the customers any good. As when each state is left to make its own set of rules and regulations, it will not lead to any kind of a nationwide co operation to monitor the huge number of online gambling operators out there. States should collaborate and use state of the art software and technology in order to monitor both financial and gaming activities for these operators to ensure maximum safety for the users who are citizens of the United States of America.

As for the main point that was discussed in the beginning, which is the effect of the legalization of online gambling on the Indian tribes. The federal legislation should put in mind the best interest of these tribes by allowing these tribes to apply for a gambling license to join the regulated market of online gambling. There shouldn’t be any restrictions on the activities of their gambling casinos in regard of geographical borders

These hearings will provide the committee with much needed information in order to be fair to everyone, including the Indian tribes. It is also very helpful as it will provide the committee with other information that would help them issue the needed laws to protect the consumer while providing an even playing field for all operators.

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