InterCasino Improving Their Look

InterCasino InterCasino is planning to refurbish and rebrand itself. This process is going to be based on the market research that was performed in 3 different continents. The company that was chosen by the casino to head the re-branding process was the English company that is based in Bath; TheAgency. It was chosen following the research that was conducted by the same company on the behalf of InterCasino.

This market study was conducted on 3 continents; these continents were East Asia, North America and Europe. By using the guidelines and the results of this study, InterCaino is going to offer its wide base of clients with a sophisticated gambling experience.

They are aiming to attract new clients to InterCasino while satisfying and nurturing the current base of players. TheAgency is going to lead an advertising campaign worldwide on the behalf of InterCasino. This advertising campaign has a very attractive catch line as its motto “Seriously Entertaining”. The digital channels are going to be at the core of all of this.

Commenting on this, InterCasino’s head of acquisitions, Nicky Getley has stated that the company is very impressed and happy with the work and the research that TheAgency has done for the company. They are very pleased with what have been done so far and they are very excited about what the future holds. He said that hiring the services of TheAgency is considered a very exciting and a vital step for InterCasino.


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