InterCasino Releases New Gambling Software App


Infographics is the latest release from InterCasino, the famous internet gambling casino. This application provides players with information like what are the games that are played the most, who won the highest jackpot and other gambling news. Most online casinos offer such news through blogs and newsletters, but InterCasino has launched this innovative application to supply its users with a better user interface and quick access to information.


Commenting on this release, a spokesman representing InterCasino stated that Infographics has been popular over the years because it is a very fun and an interesting way of seeing the news. InterCasino will use it to share important news with its users. For instance, Infographics for May mentioned the three most played games according to gender. The game that was most played by males was the slot machine, Hulk- Ultimate Revenge. The second most played game was the Single Player European Roulette. As for the 3rd most played game, it was Millionaire’s Club III, the very famous and popular slot machine.

Cryptologic Slot Games

As for females, the Hulk РUltimate Revenge also was on top, which makes it the most played game for both genders. This static vouches for the Cryptologic slot game. In the second place came Noughty Crosses, the slot machine that revolves around Valentine’s Day. As for the third most played game by females, it was Cleo Queen of Egypt.




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