Instant Search: 15-Years Old Student Entrepreneur Created iTunes Instant

Instant Search: 15-Yars Old Student Entrepreneur Created iTunes Instant

I am pretty much sure that you are aware about the Google’ Instant that as debuted a week ago. Then you should also be aware of the new “iTunes Instant” search.

Stephen Ou, 15-years old amateur developer, quickly capitalizes on the new Google’s innovation. According to TheiLoop, Ou developed iTunes Instant in under three hours, using Apple’s own Search API. The web app take publicly released information from Apple’s RSS feeds and organized some of the metadata in the website’s searchable database.

“If you use iTunes, you know what I’m talking about,” he writes in a manifesto on his website. “The speed (especially on searching) is nothing comparable to the search on web (like Google or Bing search). It is just way too slow.” Developed in three hours of his spare time, Ou released the new app on September 13.

Ou said that iTunes Instant “will make your life better.” To clean and expedite the searching process, the young developer created a website that returns numerous alternating results to visitors as they search for a song, album, or movies. A single click on the link will direct you straight to the iTunes store. The program is designed to provide an accurate links through Apple’s affiliate program, and the developer, of course, will receive 5% kickback in every purchases.

Mashable tested the app and they found that the app “work pretty well. A search for relatively obscure jams returned relatively accurate results in near real time.”

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