Immigration Law: Justice Department are planning to sue over Arizona Law

President Obama’s administration lawyers have decided to conduct a legal action to tear down the controversial Arizona immigration that is aimed to expel illegal immigrants, enforcing itself into the fierce national debate over how the United States should implement immigration policies.

The federal government is rarely intervenes in a state’s affairs, and it will bring significant political risks. These immigration and racial issue is being discuss in political campaigns across the country by various radical and conservative groups, the Arizona law, which endowed the local police greater authority to scrutinize the legal status of people they suspected.

“The Justice Department is continuing to review the law”, said by the Justice Department.

Still, Justice Department has no final decisions at this point; officials in-charge were put on the spot when Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated in her recent television interview in Ecuador the government “will be bringing a lawsuit” in the case.

Mrs. Clinton’s controversial confession, on a political blog ( quickly became fodder for political campaigns in Arizona. Republicans, spearheaded Ms. Brewer, seized on the concept of a domestic policy decision’s being disclosed on foreign soil.

“This is no way to treat the people of Arizona,” the governor said in a statement. “To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous. If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation.”

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