Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill

Online SlotsOnline Gambling Out but Illinois Governor is Still Not Signing the Gambling Expansion Bill

Governor Quinn is still not signing the third version of the gambling expansion bill passed by Illinois senators. This is in spite of the amendments made to exclude the legalization of online gambling, and to include a provision that bans owners and operators of casinos and other forms of gambling facilities from contributing to campaign funds. Senator Terry Link, who sponsors the bill, gave emphasis that the latest version gives Illinois Gaming Board (IGB) full authority over all casino facilities and over the proposed Chicago Casino Development Authority. The lawmakers likewise struck out the provision that required the resignation of the members of the Illinois Gaming Board.

However, Governor Quinn still wants more time to review the ethical standards governing the revised gambling expansion bill. The governor did not go into details, but those who strongly oppose the bill, including IGB Chairman Aaron Jaffe, contend that it has too many loopholes and changes buried deep in its more than 500 pages. Some of which are likely to contain conflict in rules that could unexpectedly pop up. Chairman Jaffe once cited a particular provision as an example, which eliminates fingerprinting requirement as part of the background investigation procedures for those seeking license to operate slots at racetracks.

Nonetheless, Governor Quinn expressed appreciation for the changes incorporated by the lawmakers, particularly the assurance that the money that the Chicago-owned casino will generate will go toward education. The Illinois governor mentioned that this particular aspect still needs improvement, as he wants to make certain that schools throughout the State of Illinois will benefit from the casino money.

Although Governor Quinn gave encouragement that there is still time to make further improvements before the forthcoming May 31 adjournment, he made it clear that pension reforms remain as his top priority.