iGaming Report on Social Marketing and Social Gambling

One of the leading providers of information related to the internet gambling business has issued a new Business Intelligence report that focused on the effect of the operations of Social Media on the industry of internet gambling.

In order for companies in the online gambling market to become competitive, they have to know how to interact and deal with their users on the internet.

This is why a lot of online gambling firms are starting to approach the Social Media arena using different methods. Some gambling firms are addressing this by pursuing various social strategies and some are approaching it reluctantly.

Commenting on this report, Aideen Shortt, the author of the report, stated that social media was not the first venue in which the clients were able to express their views and opinions but it did amplify it and makes their voices more clear. This is why, a result of this new venue, great changes are being worked up in the offices of gambling companies to meet with the  views and the opinions of the customers in those networks.

The report aims to help companies and firms and to guide them in the road they should take in order to be able to involve their consumers in how the business is run.

To order a copy of The iGaming Social Marketing & Strategies: Effective Implementation and Measurements Report email reports@igamingbusiness.com or call their sales team at+44 (0) 20 7954 3489.

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