Ice Sheets Melting

Ice SheetsThe melting of the ice sheets covering the north and south poles has long been a concern of scientists across the world. New research suggests that the rate of the melting has accelerated and is now surpassing the previously expected rates. It is assumed that the melting sheets will be one of the main contributors to an increased height in sea levels over the next hundred years.

While it was expected that these ice sheets would add to the sea level over the next one hundred years, predictions have almost doubled in height. In 2007 it was predicted that by 2100 the levels would rise between seven and twenty four inches. Now, if the current rate continues it is likely to reach between six and twelve inches by 2050.

These results were found by researchers that used two different methods of measurements. Both of the methods revealed the same results of accelerated ice melting. The year to year speed is steadily increasing.

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