Hulu Attracts Big Names Like Yahoo, Google, Verizon

Hulu XboxHulu Attracts Big Names

Ever since the co-owners of Hulu put the company up for sale last month, a number of interested buyers have spoken up about their interest.

The company’s current owners are well-known in the entertainment industry; Fox, Comcast, ABC and Disney, but that hasn’t stopped other large companies from showing their interest.

Yahoo, Google, Verizon

Yahoo, Google, Verizon, AT&T and Amazon were quick to put in their bids and many investors didn’t think it would go much further than this group.

Apple a Possible Candidate

That is, until Friday when technology giant Apple announced its interest in purchasing the company. Attempts to confirm this with Apple representatives were inconclusive. Hulu has currently gained an influx of members after its largest competitor, Netflix, announced its inflation of prices set to take effect on September 1st for its current clientele.

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