HTC Evo 4G Increases Market Foothold in Tough Smartphones Competition

HTC EVO 4g Smartphone

Seth Chapman, 26-years and Silver Lake residence, spend a lot of time in analyzing and comparing a lot of smartphones to get a best quality mobile device. After a month log analysis Chapman decided against jumping on the iPhone, BlackBerry or Droid X bandwagons and instead chose HTC Evo 4G.

Chapman fell in love with the Evo’s built-in features, such as voice navigation, and he wanted to be among the first user to experience the ultra-fast 4G network.

The Taiwanese company slowly but surely cemented its name and join the battle of the of the smartphone makers. Currently, HTC is in the fourth rank in the world rankings, according to Gartner Inc. In North America, nearly 10 percent of consumers who purchased smartphones in the first quarter of 2010 chose models made by HTC.

Last week, the company announced that they generated $1.9 billion on their second-quarter sales, increased more than 58 percent from the same time period last year.

But thingd are different within North America smartphones market, HTC ranks in sales far behind Research in Motion (maker of the BlackBerry line), Apple Inc. (iPhones), and Motorola Inc. (Droid X, and others), as well as Samsung Electronics Co., Nokia Corp., and Palm Inc.

“It’s the fastest-growing handset company in history,” said Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering Group, and added: “HTC is the model of the new Asia. They’re very quick and very responsive.”

HTC groundbreaking device, Evo, HTC became the first mobile developer in the U.S. to come out with a handset that could access the 4G network. However, because of the high demand and limited stocks 4G is still not available in many parts of the country and rest of the world.

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