HTC Droid Incredible to Android 2.2 and Motorola Droid Mini Slider Leaked

Droid IncredibleMotorola Droid Mini

The HTC Droid Incredible may evolve into Android 2.2 before the end of July or the first week of August, according to HTC e-mal to a customer. The update will feature 802.11n Wi-Fi, 3G mobile hotspot support, 720p video recording and more. Droid users will also now have a new e-mail and news widget from HTC, an instant access to Amazon’s MP3 music store, and a Skype application. Also, users will have access to My Verizon and EAS updates after the release of the firmware.

Most of the features of the new Droid Incredible have been spotted earlier in an alleged early update to a prototype Incredible. Due to the high demand and supply shortage of its AMOLED screen the Droid Incredible has sold out multiple times at Verizon.

On the other hand, a blurry picture of an upcoming Motorola handset has surfaced. But as of now no further information available, however the device will sport a vertical slider form factor and less expensive version of the Motorola Droid. The anonymous slider is expected to sport the Android operating system. Obviously, the device will be powered by Verizon as evidenced by the Verizon Droid eye on the image.

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