HP To Launch WebOS Smartphones In Early 2011

HP To Launch WebOS Smartphones In Early 2011

Hewlett-Packard Co, the world largest information technology that operates in nearly every country, will introduce smartphones in early 2011 using the webOS software it acquired as part of its $1.2 billion Palm earlier this year.

“You will see us coming early next year with new phones,” Senior Vice President Eric Cador told an industry conference in Barcelona, according to Reuters.

With the acquisition of Palm the company wanted to enter the fast-growing and highly profitable smartphone industry and get access to Palm’s acclaimed webOS operating system.

“More importantly we acquired webOS,” Cador told the conference, adding Palm’s intellectual property was “extremely fundamental” in the deal.

HP is the world’s largest technology company by revenue and the company already established its presence in technology industry and recognized as major player in PCs, servers, services and printers.

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