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Crochet – Social Networking Gets Crafty

Social networking initially gained its popularity back when MySpace debuted. Once Facebook went public everything changed. Its popularity spawned a new generation of internet users and made it possible to connect with people all over the world instantly and easily. Now many more things have adopted the basic principles of Facebook and created other social networking sites. One of the most recent ones of these strives to connect crafters of crochet, knitting and more from all over the world.


Ravelry. com is a social networking site that caters primarily to knitters and crotchetiers, but has some sewing and yarn craft projects as well. It’s completely free to join; just create a username and password and explore away! This site has thousands of patterns organized into different categories to help you find what you’re looking for and has hundreds of new submissions each day. If you don’t have a particular product or person in mind, you can search by yarn. It’s a great way to find things to make that will use up that yarn you bought, or keep buying, just because it’s pretty.


Another great thing about this website is it also acts as a platform to sell any patterns you may have created to others who will appreciate them. Unlike internet shops like etsy this site sells patterns only, not already made products. It’s perfect for those who are not professional crafters who have been published as there is a number of different areas to receive comments or suggestions for your pattern before you release it out to the rest of the world. Patterns are usually fairly reasonably priced, and the majority of them are actually free to download.

Each account contains a library page where you can save patterns as pdf files rather than downloading them to your computer. You can also add patterns to your ‘faves’ to look at later. The site also gives you an opportunity to keep track of all of your different yarn projects and you can upload the photos to your page so you can compare them with others that have completed the patterns.

This social networking platform has opened the doors to connect yarn crafters from all over the globe which is helping to rejuvenate a hobby that has started to die out in some parts of the world. By joining this site you can discover many other things you can do with yarn other than blankets and sweaters.

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