How Worried Should You be About Your Personal Information?


The internet is always a risky place to be, but as technology grows, so do the threats lain on the lives of Americans everywhere, and their happiness. With information leakage and a rise in reports of identity theft, citizens wonder if they should be concerned, and what this means for them.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity Theft is the stealing of a person’s identity and information, allowing the thieves to freely use things like accounts, credit cards, insurance, and more, essentially draining the victim’s entire funds in a single occasion. Identity theft can be easily avoided, but still winds up effecting many, with the recent data of companies selling their clients’ information, the internet logging stored info, and more. Americans should be on the lookout for this, and the following news stories should help to prove why.

Senators Demanding Your Personal Information

Experian, a company that sells customer data, was recently called out by Senator Jay Rockefeller, in demand to release, sell, and profit from more customer data than ever. Clearly Rockefeller didn’t believe the current rate at which information is given away to companies is high enough, and stating “We have responded — and will continue to respond — in a very transparent manner to Mr. Rockefeller”, it doesn’t seem like the company is going to do anything other than his wishes for a very long time.

Data Broker Giants Getting Hacked by Identity Thieves

The populated data broker, ssndob(ms), has, for several years, funded itself on the sales and distribution of customer and citizen information. If this weren’t bad enough, however, with Americans’ identities being filtered underground, ssndob and other broker giants have gotten hacked by identity thieves, spilling this information, free, into the world.

The Same Hackers Compromising NW3C

The National White Collar Crime Center, which was set up to work against acts like these from occurring, was compromised by the very same hackers breaking into identity theft giants, and gifting your information to the world. With the security center out of the way, what else can happen?

Malware Batted at Retails

A malware known as Point-of-Sale was not only prevalent lately in many searches, but the cause of Target’s Christmas downfall, when the company was hacked, and thousands of customers had their information lost overnight. This virus is not only hard to combat, but companies elsewhere are also employing legal, similar software that’s considered a simple part of their program.

To learn more about the ongoing cyber-war and cyber-terrorism, watch Crow Hill, a new film starring Victoria Ratermanis and Clem McIntosh.

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